Danielle Marie


The Good-

Reviewing an artist I had perviously not heard of until today and a genre I very rarely listen to, I thought would be a challenge until i started listening to it. Danielle has a varied style of writing both lyrics and music and every song has something different, which some artists struggle to achieve. Danielle has achieved a nice mix of folk, mellow rock and country which is nicely relaxing. ‘Honestly’ has some nice Jamaican vibes running through it, which kept my foot tapping throughout. Danielle’s lyrics are very sweet and mainly based around love however her use of the word baby can be slightly excessive. ‘Spinning’ which is a very nice track and possibly my favourite along with ‘This Life’ is incredibly similar to Lissie who is an artist of similar style which is no way a bad thing. Danielle is also inspired by Ed Sheeran and this shines through with her electronic/ acoustic guitar on top of nice soft drums which he is famous for and one day Danielle will also be famous for.

The Bad-

Danielle has created a brand of music which is very nice however there is at times nothing which sets it apart from other artists. There are times where she is trying to set her self apart with something different for example in ‘Honestly’ there are the Jamaican vibes which i previously mentioned, so I know that she can set herself apart which I am sure will happen with time as she is still a young artist. I also shouldn’t complain as i would rather a new artist write their own music than just cover other bands or artists which Danielle doesn’t do.

The Verdict-

For a music fan who currently enjoys folk and country music this is perfect to add to the collection. It is also a nice way for new fans of folk to start building a collection of it using it as a base to build from. Danielle’s music is currently free on the internet (link below) so there is no excuse not to at least give it a try.


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